Meet Cindy

Carmel Writing Retreat

I'm shedding my skin, digging deep to uncover and allow my authentic self to shine. It's a beautiful love affair, I highly recommend it.

Last year, I sold my house and gave away almost everything I own. I felt a tug in my heart that told me to make room for the new, for the real.  There had been a whisper, a noticing of restlessness that made perfect sense once I read "The Desire Map" by Danielle LaPorte. After going through the process of uncovering my core desired feelings I asked myself, "what would I be willing to do to really change my life?" I longed to express myself authentically, and knew that to do so I needed to change it up, rev it up, open up -- my heart, my mind, my soul

 My jam is Tender Love. For self first (and it takes practice!) and for everyone. When you see someone with LOVE, you see them differently, especially when you look in the mirror. So I'm writing, excavating, playing and collecting experiences rather than things. How do I want to feel every single day?  WARM  OPEN  WILD and FREE  Unlock your own Core Desired Feelings --


Come along with me on this journey of discovery, adventure, belly laughs, fierce honesty and tender love.